Paratha Recipes

A paratha, a flatbread that originated in India, literally means layers of cooked dough. Parathas can be eaten as a breakfast dish or as a tea-time snack. Parathas are made with roti dough but are cooked in ghee or oil and are layered breads. They can be stuffed with potatoes as in ‘aloo ke paronthe’ or with cauliflower, mooli (daikon radish), or paneer.

They are heavy and are often eaten for breakfast in the north. The south also has its versions. The ‘malabar parotta’ of Kerala is a layered, fluffy bread that is eaten with luscious coconut curries.

Besan Methi Paratha
Paneer Moong Dal Paratha
Healthy Dry Fruit Paratha
Mooli (Radish) Paratha
Sattu Ka Paratha
Bajra Methi Thepla
Gurr (jaggery) ka Parantha
Paneer Ragi Paratha
Gobi Paratha
Spinach Paratha
Sprouts Paratha
Makka Aloo Methi Paratha