Reasons Why Being Tall Is The Best:

1. Tall people are always chosen first in sports

2. Your head is usually above the crowd

3. You have more fun in swimming pools.

4. As a woman, you can wear flats.

5. You can live a step-stool-free life.

6. Makes you look great but also enhances your confidence level on public platforms.

7. Female models are notable for their heights.

8. Empowering Feminist Symbol

As a natural phenomenon, to an extent, it is not in our control, because growth hormones work differently in different human bodies. According to experts, the height of a person is determined by his or her genetics, and it is believed that a person stops growing after reaching the age of 18 years. But, on the other hand, a section of health experts feel that height can still be increased by a few inches, by adding certain types of food in the daily diet. Just the way eating certain foods in a particular manner can help you lose weight; similarly, there are foods that increase your height. 

When it comes to height, various factors play a major role. Genetics is an important factor that can predict how tall your baby will grow. In addition to genetics, eating the right kind of nutritious foods is very important to help your child grow tall.As parents, we all want our kids to grow tall and be healthy! Did you know that what you feed your kids plays an important role in how tall they grow? 

Foods That Help to Increase Height:

1. Eggs

2. Milk

3. Soybeans

4. Oatmeal

5. Chicken

6. Spinach

7. Carrots

8. Nuts and Seeds

9. Fish

10. Banana

11. Ashwagandha

How To Measure A Child’s Height Accurately At Home:

  • Make sure you remove your child’s shoes, any heavy clothing or hair decorations. Also, if your child’s hair is braided, open it so that it does not interfere with any measurements. 
  • Let your child stand on the bare floor, one that does not have a carpet or rug over it. Your child has to stand along the wall especially one that has no molding.
  • Ask your child to stand with their feet placed flat and together against a wall. Your child’s legs should be straight, arms should be at the sides and the shoulders should be level.
  • Your child should be looking ahead and the line of sight should be parallel to the floor.
  • Take your child’s measurements in such a way that the shoulders, head, heels and buttocks touch the flat surface of the wall. Not all parts of your child’s body may touch the wall depending on the body shape.
  • Make a light mark where the bottom part of the headpiece connects to the wall. Using a metal tape, start the measurement from the base at the floor. Take it to the marked measure on the wall to get your child’s height measurement.
  • You have to record your child’s height accurately to the nearest 1/8th inch or to a 0.1 centimeter.


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