Typically, when we think about health, we don’t think about bones. We are always in misconception that bone problems occur to only elderly people.But building healthy bones starts in young age only by adopting healthy nutritional and lifestyle habits is important to help prevent osteoporosis and fractures later in ours life.

The amount of bone tissue in the skeleton peaks by their late twenties. At that point, bones have reached their maximum strength and density. Up to 90 percent of peak bone mass is acquired by age 18 in girls and age 20 in boys, which makes youth the best time for your kids to “invest” in their bone health. During your life, your body continues to both reabsorb old bone and create new bone. Your entire skeleton is replaced about every 10 years, though this process slows as you get older.

As you age, your body may reabsorb calcium and phosphate from your bones instead of keeping these minerals in your bones. This makes your bones weaker. When this process reaches a certain stage, it is called osteoporosis.

A healthy balanced diet will help you build strong bones from an early age and maintain them throughout your life.A good diet is only one of the building blocks for healthy bones, which also includes physical activity and avoiding certain risk factors.

You need sufficient calcium to strengthen your bones and vitamin D to help your body absorb calcium.Calcium-rich foods do more than build strong bones.calcium also amplifies the benefits of weight-bearing exercise in building strong bones.

Foods You Must Include in Yours Breakfast to Get Strong Bones:

1. Dark Green Vegetables Like Broccoli

2. Yogurt

3. Milk

4. Tofu & Paneer

5. Cheese

 6. Fresh Fruit Juice

7. Dried fruits 

8. Eggs


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